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Updated: May 6, 2021

Apple has given, us the people, an opportunity to minimize the intrusive tracking that became the #newnormal. Just because it is possible, doesn’t make it right.

Before #ios145, companies could track user data from within an app, across apps. Advertisers could then use it in conjunction with other data from around the web to identify information about us, the users. Generating individual profiles to target us, with advertisements and information. They are also selling direct access to the profiles they created on us, to other companies and businesses that want to focus on a specific target group. For whatever purpose that might be.

Now when we have been given this tool, let us all use it, to regain some control over our own profiles and information. We wont be stopping “them”, but at least we make it harder for anyone to control what information we see in our feeds and not- This could lead to a more inclusive, less hostile online experience.

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