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"Your environment always wins". - Mary Legakis Engel

"Your environment always wins," observed management coach, Mary Legakis Engel. "The secret to getting what you want is to design an environment that supports it."

If you want to diversify your sales revenue by selling into an entirely new industry, start hanging out in places where decision makers in that industry hang out.

Want to run an Ironman? Find a way to meet and befriend people who already compete at that level. But never, ever try to run an Ironman while spending time with people who complain that you exercise too much and who encourage you to eat and drink too much.

There are at least two ways to change your environment. The first one is obvious: leave your current environment for a new one. If you like to ski, move from Kansas to Colorado. If you like the arts and museums, leave New Hampshire for New York.

The other option is to say what needs to be said. Lately, numerous employees have been telling their company that they love their job, but can no longer stand the commute… or high prices in their community. So they ask to move or to work virtually.

If you’re part of a couple, rather than fight your partner’s contrary habits (example: they cook desserts while you are trying to lose weight), TELL your partner what you need. This could entail saying, “I need you to lose weight with me.” Or maybe you might invite them to adopt your vow to get in the best shape of your lives.

Once you understand that your environment always wins, it becomes much easier to understand how to get what you really, truly want.


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