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Are your habits aligned with..

Are your habits aligned with your priorities? Here’s what happened when my priorities shifted.

Roughly from 2016 to 2019, I collected about 800 bottles of wine. I drank a lot of wine and really enjoyed amassing my collection.

But then building muscle through weight lifting became my passion, and I realized that whenever I got anything close to drunk, it would be as long as two weeks before I could bench the same amount of weight in the gym.

One night of excess = Two weeks of inferior performance

That equation didn’t make sense to me, so I dramatically cut my wine consumption. Today I use a device that lets me extract wine from a bottle without opening the bottle (yes, you read that right). In this manner, I literally pour ⅓ of a glass when I get the urge to have a drink. That amount of wine does not impact my performance.

It wasn’t that one day wine was good, and then it suddenly turned bad. Instead, my priorities shifted. I want to look and feel a certain way, and that became more important to me than consuming the 450 bottles I still have left.

What are your priorities?


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