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From time to time, people have heard me..

From time to time, people have heard me complain about sustainable initiatives I consider to be misguided (think: the government spends $3 billion to get 47 electric cars produced). That’s why many are surprised to learn that I actually care a great deal about repurpose, reuse and restore.

Much of the equipment in liquid foods plants is made of stainless steel, which lasts for a very long time. So when the electronics and interfaces of certain equipment become outdated, we prefer to replace individual components while continuing to use the bulk of what is already installed.

In this manner, we can often improve energy efficiency and we can look into heat transfer, water usage and all those kinds of “sustainable” possibilities.

Using less power, water and raw material is a no-brainer. It saves our clients a substantial amount of money, and it (don’t be shocked that I’m saying this) benefits our society as a whole.

When private enterprise gets the job done with fewer resources used, I am 100% delighted. More than that, we are initiating and encouraging such advances.

No one likes spending money needlessly. Not even me.


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